Sequor Andon

Andon is one of the tools used by Lean Manufacturing. It is a form of visual management of occurrences and results in the workplace. Andon presents, in the form of electronic panels, sound or visual beacons

Help Chain Call on Andon

This systematics is widely used in production lines, through which the operator has the possibility to stop the line, through some device, such as the use of buttons. Also through this systematics the operator can request the help of technicians, engineers and facilitators who can assist in problem solving.

Andon and Resources

Through Andon, the operator uses software on the production line, requesting help, replacing materials or informing the occurrence of setup. In the productive area, a sound system was installed in which a voice synthesizer announces which production line is stopped and the reason for the occurrence. In this same system, the productivity notes were added, informing on an LCD screen the line's production goals, being possible to optimize the movements of the operators and mainly to improve the management of the sector.