Business rules on open source programing

The programming interface is open to the source code of the SEQUOR system business rules. With this the client has a possibility to evolve with the system of realization of improvements and insertions of new projects.

Software Development

The system programming language is C # dotnet. Language created by Microsoft, where demos and programming manuals can be found on the web or in literature. The environment for insertion of business rules is located on the WEB in the WSQOLEAN (Web Sequor Lean). In the registry of these rules there is a code verification compiler, facilitating and validating the code to be published. The user can also count on the following functionalities and components:

  • File manipulation: txt, xml, xl, doc, etc.
  • Mathematical Libraries and Statistics
  • Communication libraries with Database: SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MySql and others
  • Visual control components: grids, edits, combobox, images, datetime, picker and others
  • Library of image processing, AI, robotics and others
  • Data communication library: e-mail, sms, WCF, Web Service, serial, sockets and others