MES and i4.0

Sequor's MES WSQOLEAN System is fully modular, which makes it possible to scale the MES modules according to your economic and technical need, and to gradually expand MES concepts in your plant. MES Sequor also counts on:

  • Components for handling products within the MES: BOM, Structure Changes, PLM Integration and more
  • Sequencing and Production Planning
  • Access control and skill matrix


The WSQOLEAN Web Sequor Lean is a fully customizable Industrial Management system. Has open source code for modeling your customers' businesses

  • Asset Performance Management (APM)
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Quality and regulatory compliance
  • WCM World Class Manufacturing

Stoppage Control or Downtime

Controlling real-time downtime of machines and assembly lines with the WSQOLEAN MES tools help diagnose and perform repairs quickly, making production equipment stand-still.

  • Downtime Integrated with CLP
  • Manual pointing, forcing the stop
  • Automatic triggering in the Help Chain

Scada e IHM

Scadas which can be accessed on the Browser, TVs and Desktop.

  • SCADA Function
  • SVG development
  • Alarmes monitoring
  • Trend graphs for analog signals and discrete signals

Data Traceability

Data tracking system with product identification through printed barcode, RFID, data marking, laser, batch control by labels.

  • Identification by serial number
  • Identification by batch number
  • Barcode badge scanning, data matrix, RFID or typing
  • Micropuncators by data matrix or OCR

Interlocking and Pokayoke

Interlocking and Pokayoke via software or hardware for data validation, thus preventing production, quality or process problems from proceeding further.

Total quality

Total Quality are multidisciplinary management techniques formed by a set of Programs, Tools and Methods, applied to the control of the production process.

  • Ensure continued profit from the quality domain
  • Identify the most critical problem and solve it by the highest priority (Pareto)
  • Decide based on facts and information
  • Manage production throughout the process, not only the final results

Document Viewing

Document Control Module controls and makes available work instruction documents and technical documents: electrical and mechanical workstation diagrams, or company standards, such as:

  • 3D Documents
  • Images
  • PLM Integration