OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a tool used to measure the improvements implemented by the TPM methodology. The use of the OEE indicator, as proposed by the TPM methodology, allows companies to analyze the real conditions of the use of their assets. These analyzes of the conditions occur from the identification of the existing losses in the manufacturing environment, involving indices of equipment availability, performance and quality.

Major gains from using Sequor OEE tool:

  • Evaluation of the lost time of an operation
  • Diagnosis of short stops due to "insignificant" problems
  • Checking cycle times below standard
  • Evaluation of lost time with production of scrap, rework and parts with defects
  • Resumption of production after machine stops or setups


TPM - Total Productive Maintenance , Means the zero failure and zero break of the machines, next to the zero defect in the products and zero loss in the process. The TPM is a very important module and complements the OEE tool.

  • A system that encompasses the entire life cycle of the machine and the equipment
  • A system where engineering, production and maintenance participate
  • A system that brings together the participation of all hierarchical levels of the company
  • Motivational process in the form of teamwork