Solutions and Technologies

SEQUOR analyzes the problem in the automation of traceability, generating better cost / benefit solutions with laser marking technologies, microcontroller, definitive labels, returnable labels, RFID, etc. Hardware Integration:

  • Bar Code Labels Printers or RFID
  • Bar Code Labels and RFID (passive and active)
  • Barcode Readers: Handheld, mobile or fixed barcode reader
  • RFID reader portal
  • RFID Readers: Handheld, Mobile or Stationary Reader

Autonomous Control and Traceability

An assembly line can be controlled and monitored by an autonomous system without human events. SEQUOR has been exploring intelligences for automation and control of assembly lines, selection of programs in devices such as electronic screwdrivers, sealing equipment, among others.

  • Data link via TAG to RFID
  • Decrease cycle time
  • Increased reliability of information


The traceability automation process can be performed by collecting process, production and component data.

  • Control of the line without human interaction
  • Administration and movement of pallets within an assembly line