Industrial SLA

The Support Agreement is a two-party agreement, through an extension of the service contract, where Customer and Sequor stipulate and commit to a certain level of service. The Customer Language Support Agreement translates into four great benefits that are commitments for our company:

  • Availability of care
  • Commitment to times and deadlines
  • Quality of service
  • Service structure


Thinking of the continuity of the installed systems, Sequor has a defined service process with each attendance generated generating an identifier. This will be the number that identifies the service until it closes. The service is always accompanied by a Focal Point defined at the beginning of the contract. When closed the support is generated a report containing the description of the activities and the total time used, with evidence. Governance and Compliance are the basis of this sector.


The speed of response and the availability to perform the service are prioritized according to the contract established. Process defined with activities defined in contract establish a clarity for a trust relationship. Among the activities of the sector are:

  • Configuration Management
  • Repository Management
  • Knowledge management
  • Identification of criticality level
  • Developed coding Analysis