The WSQOLEAN MES System is built using customizable modular components that provide a better value for the customer, since the functionality of these elements has been previously tested, requiring only its configuration or adaptation. Sequor is a corporate member of the OPC Foundation, an organization dedicated to standardizing communications protocols, between machines and devices in the industry. The presence of Sequor as a corporate member of OPC allows the company to contribute and follow the latest technologies and have access to all available documentation and knowledge about the industry 4.0.

Production Planing


The PCP - Planning and Process Control performs the production program by model, product code, batch or unit, based on the route of operations, considering: production shifts, production schedule, productive resource time, production sequencing and BOM. Usually integrated with ERP.

Production Order


Optimized production Sequencing is performed by APS softwares that, with combinations and constraints, can search for the best sequence considering: receiving, parts in stock, picking, missing, customer need, productive capacity



Implementing this sequencing by controlling productivity, performance, tracking and monitoring processes is part of a set of best practices for excellence in the production chain. One of the industry's key productivity indicators is OEE. Traceability creates credibility in the process and adds value to the product. The productivity + traceability suite is ideal for the industry. Control of documentation: work instruction, processes, technical drawing; Matrix of skills; Chain of help: Andon, Music; Maintenance Checklist: TPM - Total Productive Maintenance are some examples of how to perform the execution

Control / Monitor


Guarantee of the execution of all processes (locks and poka-yokes) Visual Management such as the production andon Indicators KPIs such as Stop Pareto and OEE Sending of emails and SMS Quality Checklist



PLANNED X ACHIEVED PDCA for flow analysis of industrial BI data for data mining Quality Charts such as CEP, CUSUM