Electrical Test

Sequor Electrical Test is a software developed to perform electrical component check routines and electronic modules of vehicle cabins, car panels or any application that requires testing involving electrical parameters.

Tests and parameters

The software is fully configurable by enabled users, who can create the revenue from the electrical tests for each product model being tested. A recipe consists of a sequence of tests, each test having its characteristics and parameters.

Where to use the product?

The Electrical Test product can be used for quality testing of various electrical components such as:

  • Tractor cabins, harvesters, sprayers
  • Automotive Panels
  • Lights & Lighting
  • Canbus Network;
  • Embedded electronic circuits
  • Electronic control of automotive doors

Strategic Benefits

The Electrical Test product brings several important strategic benefits to the company, such as:

  • Quality in the delivery of the final product
  • Low deployment cost compared to similar tools
  • Rapid deployment with a team with experience in Electrical Testing projects
  • Safety of a product on the market
  • Highly configurable product
  • Speed ​​in the diagnosis of assembly faults